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It’s been such a thrill to hear from so many people who have recently found us and are interested in filling their lives with more flowers.

I thought it would be helpful to tell you a little more about vancouver flower delivery
and show you all the resources we’ve created to help you grow the garden of your dreams.

Our Story
In 2001 my husband Chris and I moved to the Skagit Valley, about an hour north of Seattle, to pursue a slower, simpler lifestyle where we could raise our children surrounded by nature.

Little did I know that the small backyard cutting garden I planted so many years ago would eventually turn into a thriving teaching farm and full-fledged seed company.  Floret Resources
If you’re new to growing cut flowers, be sure to check out our growing resources. More than 25 photo-filled how-to posts dive deep into specific flower varieties. S

Floret Blog
I’ve been documenting everything I’ve learned over the past 15 years on the Floret Blog. In the early days of Floret, I challenged myself to write a blog post every day for a year in hopes of becoming a better writer so I could one day write a book.

The blog takes you behind the scenes here on the farm and is filled with hundreds of helpful posts about what I’ve learned growing flowers and growing a small farm-based business.


Floret Books
In 2017 I wrote my first book, Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden. In it, you’ll find easy-to-follow steps for planting, cultivating, and harvesting more than 175 varieties of flowers.

In 2020 my second bo

ok, Floret Farm’s A Year in Flowers, was released. This book picks up where Cut Flower Garden left off and teaches you everything you need to start making your own incredible arrangements, whether you’re harvesting flowers from the backyard or sourcing ingredients at the local market.


In early 2021, my third book, Floret Farm’s Discovering Dahlias, will be released into the world. This book, brimming with gorgeous photos taken by my husband, Chris, will teach you everything you need to know about growing and arranging with this beloved cut flower. The book also features a Variety Finder showcasing 360 of my very favorite dahlia varieties grouped by color.

Floret Shop
Cut Flower Garden featured some of the most stunning cut flower varieties I’ve ever grown, many of which were only available to professional growers at the time. I wanted readers to be able to grow the same flowers they saw in the book, so I decided to develop our own line of Floret Seeds.

In our online shop, we now offer more than 400 hard-to-find flower varieties sourced from the finest seed breeders in the world, as well as varieties bred right here on the farm. We also sell spring-flowering bulbs, gifts, and specialty supplies.

We offer limited quantities of our products at specific times of the year, and they always sell out fast. Be sure to check out our availability schedule to learn when our products go on sale, and mark your calendars so you snag your favorites.

Free Mini Courses & the Floret Online Workshop
Twice a year, we offer Floret Mini Courses, which are free video tutorials that demonstrate the techniques we use to grow and harvest flowers on a small scale.

Our Summer Mini Course will run in mid-June and teach you how to increase the number of stems your flowering plants produce, how to cut and care for your flowers for the longest vase life, and how to make a beautiful, abundant hand-tied bouquet in less than a minute. These videos are free, but registration is required. 

And every fall we open up registration for the Floret Online Workshop. This 6-week intensive online learning program is focused on growing cut flowers on a small scale. The Floret Online Workshop is offered just once per year and covers everything we’ve learned about growing great flowers and building a successful flower business on just 2 tiny acres.

Bouquet in paperFarmer-Florist Collective
Though we no longer sell cut flowers, part of Floret’s mission is to connect growers with people who want to buy local blooms. Our online directory, Floret’s Farmer-Florist Collective, can help you find flowers quickly and easily, both in your area and where your loved ones live.

The Collective is inclusive and accessible on a global level. With more than 1,400 members, it’s the largest local flower directory in the world—and it’s free to use and join.

The flower farms, florists, and farmer-florists listed in the directory are all part of the global seasonal flower movement. Every member of the Collective has pledged to highlight local, seasonal flowers and to use sustainable growing and business practices whenever possible.

Documentary Television Series
Over the past year, we have been filming a documentary series about our farm for the vancouver florist

I am beyond grateful that Joanna and Chip Gaines felt that our story was one worth telling, and I’m so excited to share more about our farm and our journey with you when the new network debuts in early 2021.

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I’m so glad you’ve found us, and I’m so excited to share more of our flower-filled journey with you.